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Modello Xline-1312 Xline-2516
Area di taglio 1300 x 1200 mm 2500 x 1600 mm
Dimensioni macchina 2100 x 2100 mm 3200 x 2400 mm
Peso macchina  600-900 kg
Max Velocità di taglio 1800 mm/s
Max Altezza di taglio 50 mm
Precisione di taglio 0.1 mm
Formato File DXF / HPGL / ISO
Aspirazione A vuoto
Potenza pompa 7.5 / 9 kW
Potenza Elettrica 380V / 50 Hz


X-Line 2516High precision weld frame
Fixed working surface
Vacuum pump control system
Electric Motor
Cutting Cusion
Control System
Auto Conveyor SystemCrawler type conveyor belt
Automatic fedgin
Continuos Cutting,
Netherlands imported belt
2 Tool ModuleTwo Tool Module to change the cutting tools
Suitable for router, POT, EOT, UCT and other options
Desk Table (Work Station)Can put the computer and tools (only desk, without computer)
Safety DeviceMake the machine work in a safety environment.
AKI SystemThe depth of cutting tool can be controlled accurately by the automatic knife initialization system.
CCD Camera Registration System (for sheet material)Accurate registration of the data for the cutting material, registration accuracy is 0,1mm, for contour cutting on printed materials.
Material Loading DeviceThe fabrics rolls can be loaded (less than 200KG), convenient automatic material feeding and manual material pulling; Customizable.
Tangent Knife (standard)Universal Cutting Tool, used for through-cutting materials with thinkness up to 5mm, fast speed and low cost.
Creasing Tool SetMake creasing on boards to make carton / box
Electric Oscillating ToolThe Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density. Used for cutting KT board, cardboard, corrugated board, PVC, leather, etc
Kiss CutHalf-cutting, mainly used for cutting film, sticker, vinyl, etc
V-Cut 74Make 45degree on boards, can make it on max 20mm.
CNC Router450Watt Motor, cut Acyric, Forex, MDF , PVC Foama, Dibond-
Vacuum CleanerFestool Vaccum Cleaner-
PDF FunctionExtra software feature It supports PDF Format file extension.
QR Code FunctionExtra software feature Direct cutting can be done by scanning the QR code.
Material LibraryExtra software feature Saving function of the selected material